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Which Kayaks are appropriate for what types of Water - compare recreational, sea/touring, etc.

Safety discussions, videos, including the incomparable cold water boot camp site (a must see?)

Groups actively concerned about the deteriorating ocean environment in the Northwest

Current Lake Pend Oreille Pool Level

Current Lake Coeur d'Alene Pool Level

Current Kootenay Lake Pool Level



Some Northwest kayak-related clubs:

And some Northwest paddlefests / kayak symposia

These links focus on British Columbia, particularly Vancouver Island.

Atlas of Canada

This is really worth a look ... and some time, if you're going to paddle anywhere in Canada's waters.

Recommended Books

  • Simple Kayak Navigation by Ray Killen, Ragged Mountain Press (2006).
  • The Complete Sea Kayaker's Handbook by Shelley Johnson, Ragged Mountain Press (2002).
  • Sea Kayaking (updated revised 5th edition) by John Dowd, Greystone Books (2004).
  • The Complete Book of Sea Kayaking (5th edition) by Derek C. Hutchinson, Falcon / Globe Pequot Press (2004).
  • Sea Kayak Rescue (2nd edition) by Roger Schumann & Jan Shriner, Falcon / Globe Pequot Press (2007).
  • Deep Trouble (excerpted from Sea Kayaker Magazine) by Matt Broze and George Gronseth, Ragged Mountain Press (1997). 
  • Paddle Routes of the Inland Northwest by Rich Landers & Dan Hansen, The Mountaineers (1998).
  • Legendary Lake Pend Oreille by Jane Fritz and friends, Keokee Books (2010).

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