◊ Idaho - Invasive Species Stickers

North Idaho (note how I write that name as if it were a separate state) suffers from invasive species. Although any rational definition of invasive species would include humans other than the aboriginals, we newcomers are somehow excluded. The state supports a fund to combat unwelcome invaders, other than humans. Boat owners are required to purchase and affix invasive species stickers to their boats, as a means to support this fund. Quoting from the salient web site:
"Under the new law, any boat that is registered in Idaho or another state, and any non-motorized vessel (canoe, kayak, raft, drift boat, etc.) will be required to purchase and display IISF stickers in order to legally launch and operate in Idaho. Inflatable, non-motorized vessels must be less than 10 feet in length to be exempted from this requirement."

Hey! that includes our kayaks - at $7 per boat. The stickers can be purchased from the web site:
The stickers can also be purchased locally e.g. from the Alpine Shop.