Update on Convalescence

posted Feb 24, 2010, 12:15 PM by Richard Sevenich

My last visit with the surgeon who repaired my broken neck brought disappointment. Despite the inreased mobility, strength, and lack of pain, there was a significant downside - the expected bone regrowth was not nearly as expected. The doc was willing to give it 2 more months. At that point, if the progress remains minimal, he would recommend further surgery i.e. fusion. Without the support of regrowth, the titanium screw will eventually fail.

In the meantime, I'll pay more attention to nutritional enhancements of bone regrowth - beyond just calcium and Vitamin D. Similarly, I'll examine my dietary habits and eliminate those which might inhibit bone regrowth. I'll also visit with a naturopath on this subject. I'll certainly explore alternatives to further surgery.

The positive result from the visit was being cleared for a broader range of physical activities, as long as they were neither painful nor risky to my neck. Consequently, I got in two short (~ 10 miles) bike rides on rolling pavement ... I even looked where I was going. As expected, my conditioning has suffered a significant hit since the crash on October 25.