Start of 2018 Kayak Season

posted Mar 28, 2018, 8:23 PM by Richard Sevenich   [ updated Apr 1, 2018, 11:06 AM ]
The lake water is at ~38º F, dry suit time … with some insulation. The lake level is down by ~9 feet to accommodate any sudden snow melt. The air temperature was to approach 50º F and the mountain skiing offered no fresh powder. So it became my first kayak day this season. It was also my first day paddling in this kayak (her name is ‘Sedna’). Here is Sedna, champing (an aside, not ‘chomping’) at the bit, awaiting her short 6 nm. outing.

Looking to the west, we see the Schweitzer ski area. It’s not apparent, but the snow pack is about 34% above normal … water for kayaking some weeks later.

I drove west from Sandpoint along the water, about 20 miles just before the lake turns south. I launched at Trestle Creek Campground (no one else there). I saw one other boat with one fisherman and two snoozers. The launch site itself went well beyond the concrete pad, into the rocky fore beach. It’s not yet ready for the bigger boats. Looking to the east, I could see the Green Monarchs descending abruptly into the water. Not too many years ago, Lawson Tate skied a line down to the lake. Friends retrieved him via boat.

After my short trip I returned to Trestle Creek Campground. A woman Subarued her way into the campground. I recognized Sally from some years ago. She helped me load Sedna onto the Hullavator. Then back home

Update: now it's a few days later - both cold and snowy. I guess we'll ski tomorrow as the snowstorm continues.