Starting the 2015 Kayak Season

posted Mar 9, 2015, 7:20 PM by Richard Sevenich   [ updated Mar 15, 2015, 6:59 PM ]
Despite the lake still being at winter pool level i.e. drawn down to 10 feet below the normal summer level, I will now start my 2015 kayak season. It has been the poorest ski season here in my memory (nearly 40 years) and as Schweitzer flounders toward season's end, the alpine runs are not enticing and the nordic trails, ostensibly open, are unusable. So it's time to switch to summer mode, biking and kayaking. Of course, winter may deem this a challenge and return with heavy mountain snows - more likely, it will turn cool and rainy.

The lake's pool level (elevation) is currently about 2051.3 feet and the water temperature is about 39 degrees Fahrenheit. So it's dry suit weather and route choices will not include any open water crossings. At this pool level, the only viable launch site close to home is Sandpoint City Beach. Attempting to launch from the boat launch there will get you into Sand Creek, but you'll run aground trying to get to the lake. In fact, this is what I tried and then waded through the shallows dragging the kayak and finally entering the lake.

I then meandered about, first part way toward Black Rock and then toward Dog Beach. I landed on a sandy shore by the railroad bridge to take photos. I saw no wildlife other than geese and a few buffleheads. The air temperature was about 55 Fahrenheit and there was a very slight breeze.

This was my first outing in the new-to-us Necky Looksha IV (aka Lucia). I had replaced the OEM sliding rudder pedals with the SeaLect accelerator style, a significantly superior design. The stationary pedals worked as hoped.

Newsflash! Cooler temperatures and rain are in the forecast ... after tomorrow.