Spring 2018 Looms

posted Mar 6, 2018, 8:04 PM by Richard Sevenich
Spring of 2018 is looming, but ski season is reluctant to leave, with over 11 feet of snow at Schweitzer’s summit. We’ve had some fantastic ski days, even a few with sun and no fog. Our valley floor Nordic trail system is going strong, but will melt quickly at any point. Next Sunday we switch to daylight savings time, so winter is waning despite its reluctance.

Consequently, I am starting to focus on kayaking. Today I installed some inexpensive refinements to my newest kayak (a slightly used carbon/kevlar SKUK Explorer, named Sedna). These are :

  • a paddle park

  • under deck storage for the bilge pump, just fore the coaming

  • a skeg retrieval string, should the skeg jam on the water

There are a few more things needed, but a keel strip is the only major feature not yet added. I need warmer weather to install this, but have the Eazy Keel product ready to go.

Once the lake ice is gone and the pool level up a bit, I should be on the water, dry suit and all. I must prepare for our Portugal kayak trip (leaving Sedna behind sadly). This is a 30th wedding anniversary present my wife and I are sharing. We’ll first spend a week in Austria, then a week in Portugal, and finishing with another week in Austria. Julie, my eldest, will host us in Austria and join us in Portugal. She will be our indispensable facilitator.