Smoky in North Idaho

posted Aug 9, 2017, 11:25 AM by Richard Sevenich   [ updated Aug 9, 2017, 11:30 AM ]
Nearby forest fires and an ill wind have conspired to gift us with smoky air, neither conducive to kayaking nor biking. I suppose I could try some rolling practice and just breathe while under water. But, in the meantime, I have scoped out some kayak trips for next year (2018). Chronologically, the planned trips will be destined for
  • the upper Douro River in Portugal

  • the Broughton Archipelago, northeast of Johnstone strait in British Columbia

The first trip will be 6 days and 5 nights, conducted by Douro Kayak Expeditions. This will start on May 14. The trip leader will be Jack Atkinson, an American expatriate. Coincidentally, Jack is my age and, like me, has an NDK Explorer as his primary kayak. On this trip, the kayaks will likely be Prijons, perhaps a Seayak or Kodiak. The paddling will be on the last 4 days, averaging about 8 miles per day. This is a relatively inexpensive trip, compared to what was advertised for Norway's Lofoten Islands. There is no camping involved and our luggage comes along via a support vehicle.

Our second trip will be based at Paddler's Inn operated by Bruce and Josée McMorran. This will start in mid September. The facility is located at Simoom Sound on the west side of Gilford Island. Access is via Bruce's water taxi, both to and from. This gets us across the Johnstone Strait without requiring any camping. The lodge has 2 cabins and a 'lodge' all floating, then another cabin on the shore. We expect 8 in our party and will be our own guides. The duration will be 5 nights of lodging and 4 days paddling. Eli and I stayed here once before.