Rolling Past Labor Day

posted Sep 7, 2013, 6:58 PM by Richard Sevenich   [ updated Sep 8, 2013, 2:23 PM ]
My attempts to roll continue. In fact, I seem to have turned a corner this week. I am now slightly more likely to succeed at a roll than fail. Further, when I fail, I can diagnose the cause. Best of all, I may be setting a world record as the slowest learner in history, a goal every septuagenerian aggressively pursues.

I've learned to roll as a sequence of steps - that's my learning style, definitely not optimal for an aging brain. Learning athletic, physical motions in a sequential fashion works quite poorly. Typically my brain learns step one, moves on to step two, and immediately forgets step one. Finally, I am integrating the steps so they become a continuous flow instead of discrete and distinct events.

I believe I have become semi successful principally for three reasons
  1. I have a patient rolling partner who has stuck with me (Thanks Matt!).
  2. The video "The Kayak Roll" has presented a valuable and viable model.
  3. I have worked hard on increasing my flexibility, compromised by age and, more so. by injuries sustained in my youth.
Yes I have taken lessons/clinics in rolling. They were helpful, but not as productive as hoped (typically my deficiency, not the instructor's). Nevertheless, with my rolling partner, I have worked week after week slowly progressing. He works on the more advanced aspects of his roll; I work on a basic roll. We take turns with the 'helper' ensuring that the inefficiency of a wet exit is usually avoided.