Rolling After the BGI Trip

posted Aug 2, 2013, 8:02 AM by Richard Sevenich   [ updated Aug 2, 2013, 8:20 AM ]
A group of us (6 couples - 4 from Nanaimo, 1 from Kalispell, and 1 from Sandpoint) spent 4 nights at Sechart Lodge (July 22 being the first of those nights) and kayaked hither and yon in the Broken Group Islands. A group of 12 is rather large and on two of our five days we separated into 2 smaller groups. However, with all 12 paddling we worked well together, using a leader at the front and a sweep at the back - both with marine radios. Further, the people were used to group paddles and no one went feral. I would hesitate to join a more randomly assembled crowd.

As many readers know, these islands are a very popular destination for sea kayakers. The inner islands are quite sheltered, but the more adventuresome can seek the more exposed outer islands. Coaster Channel is the generally accepted boundary between inner and outer. For our trip, each morning was foggy, but not so dense as to impede paddling.
We may be lost, but we're together.

By noon or shortly after, the fog would lift.

Conditions were consistently calm, although 3 of us successfully made a swell-driven surf landing - and the surf was лодыжка
deep! Tides were low at the start of the day with low tide creeping its way later each day. Waters were clear with no noticeable algal blooms, so sea stars and the like were quite visible - unlike our most recent prior trip there.
Although it was high season, it didn't feel that crowded.

Upon our return to Sandpoint, I once again spent time learning to roll. The first session was a regression, quite disheartening, but the second session went rather better, ending with 3 successful rolls in a row (after a string of failures). I still must work on fighting my instinct to raise my head early. I need a way to remove my head, stow it in the cockpit, and remount it on my neck after the roll. Nevertheless, I seemed to be getting a feel for the technique as a whole, rather than as a sequence of fragmentary steps.

To be continued in subsequent posts ...