Restoring Miss Frigid – Part 2

posted Jun 9, 2018, 8:41 AM by Richard Sevenich
In my most recent test, Miss Frigid and I encountered only moderate wind during a 7 nm. outing. With no rolling attempts, I found the rear hatch to be almost 100% dry. But what about weather cocking? Moving the seat about 2 inches further toward the rear and loading the kayak rather stern heavy did not keep the kayak from weather cocking. And in the moderate wind, stronger corrective strokes were more necessary.

If I keep Miss Frigid, she will typically be a boat for guests and in relatively calm conditions. So the leaky rear hatch will be acceptable, only being a minor pain when rolling. I would prefer to replace it with a softer hatch cover to get a decent seal, if such exist and if the cost is reasonable. Replacement with another hard hatch cover is not necessarily going to change things. Similarly, reinstalling a skeg is not crucial for relatively calm conditions, but such conditions can degenerate making it something of a chore to keep the kayak on track. As with the hatch cover, the cost of a replacement skeg could be the deciding issue.

Nevertheless, my druthers would be to keep Miss Frigid even with the marginal hatch cover and non existent skeg. It is an extremely maneuverable kayak and fun to drive. But what else remains to be done? Well, the interior of the rear hatch is poorly done and could use some attention, although it is mostly a cosmetic problem. I'll likely use an epoxy paint or the like after I clean it up a bit. Any other problems are quite minor.

Restoring Miss Frigid to its best condition is not that important to me. It is my kayak for occasional guests, where rather calm conditions will be typical. My primary kayak remains the SKUK Explorer. It rolls easily and remains dry in both hatches. It scarcely weather cocks and actually has a skeg if needed. It fits me better and so on. For my purposes, the Explorer is a better kayak.

I'll modify this blog entry once I get hatch and skeg replacement costs from Sterling Kayaks.