Restoring Miss Frigid - Part 1

posted Jun 7, 2018, 5:54 PM by Richard Sevenich
As mentioned earlier, I had one too many Explorers, an older NDK (relatively bombproof) and a younger carbon/kevlar SKUK. I traded the older NDK for a Sterling Ice Kap, in very rough shape. So this is my new project, 'restoring' the Ice Kap … now known as Miss Frigid. For starters I cleaned it up, then started on the project phases. Note that my DIY skills are very limited.

Phase 1

There was damage to the hull, mostly restricted to the keel line. I patched these with an epoxy putty and sanded them so their shape did not protrude from the hull. Since the skeg was non functional, I plugged the hole and added filler, again blending the result with the hull keel line shape. The hull was now relatively smooth, but ugly.

Note 1

I plugged the skeg hole so that I could remove the plug and install a new skeg and wire. These are supposedly available from Sterling Donalson (in Bellingham, WA).

Phase 2

Adding a keel strip with the EazyKeel product covered all the significant hull uglies but one. I have used EazyKeel on maybe 10 boats. It is applied with a not-too-hot heat gun, especially useful for going around the bow and stern curves. Then one waits for a few days, watching the keel strip for areas that don't bond well. Such make their presence known visually. Reapplication of the heat gun will typically fix these. In a worst case (not for Miss Frigid), one may need to apply an appropriate adhesive.

First tests

My first outing in light wind showed that Miss Frigid weather cocked easily when gliding. Oddly, it would straighten up easily as well, without strong corrective strokes. Perhaps this is due to the long, narrow bow. When rolling, it shipped water in the rear hatch, but not the bow hatch. The bow hatch has a softer rubber hatch cover (a replacement), while the rear hatch is hard rubber and 'snaps' on. If I replace the stern hatch it must be the softer rubber … if available.

Next test

My next test will exclude rolling. So, will water still afflict the rear hatch? To reduce weather cocking, I have moved the foam seat backwards and will trim a bit stern heavy. Will that be effective?