On the Brink

posted Apr 17, 2010, 8:07 AM by Richard Sevenich   [ updated Apr 17, 2010, 8:38 AM ]

The elevation of the LPO pool is now 2054', as the lake slowly fills toward the ~2062' summer level. It's our once-per-year flood tide. At 2056' the launch site nearest to our house becomes usable, with the boot sucking mud covered again. We can walk our kayaks there - otherwise we must load them on the trusty Subaru and go a bit further. With ski season over, we are biking already and soon, kayaking. The osprey and swallows have returned, and the lawn begs for attention. Winter is perhaps over down here in the nether lands.

My conditioning is coming along OK. With the ski area once again relatively deserted and the road only lightly trafficked, I did my first home-to-Schweitzer Lodge ride a few days ago ... in a decent time for an old guy, who could never be mistaken for a racer. The gear shifting on my Mercian has become awkward (but still possible), because of my insistence on a smaller chain ring which really doesn't fit in with the existing setup.

What about the bone regrowth in my neck? The most recent x-ray (April 15), showed no progress. This is America - why on earth the surgeon didn't use duct tape instead of a metal screw is totally baffling. I'll try an electric stimulator next, in my attempt to avoid further surgery. The neck feels fine and works fine, but the specter of a titanium screw failure persists. My physical activities are no longer restricted, except that I am to avoid bar fights. The next x-ray will be July 29, just after our return from the Broken Island Group (the BIG trip).