No Kayaking Yet in the New Year

posted Feb 1, 2011, 8:41 AM by Richard Sevenich

Today is clear with calm winds, but not a good day for kayaking - at least that's my take. It's minus 16° C and I'll need an icebreaker to get from the launch site to ice free water.

Further, extricating a kayak from the outside storage rack would be awkward. Does fiberglass crack easily when stressed at low temperature?

The outside rack shown above is not a good winter storage solution, but the ancient garage has been razed as shown below in a photo from last summer. Fortunately, we had already removed the kayaks.

The construction of the replacement building is nearly done, but the garage portion is in use as the contractor's staging area.

Unwilling to kayak, I am equally happy to ski. Tomorrow we'll spent the morning in the back country - some of us on telemark gear, some on randonée. The climb after each run requires 'skins', which nowadays are synthetic. It will be interesting to see if the newer skis with climbing scales would work - our group does not use a steep climb line. I haven't seen such skis, yet. Presumably they are similar to the old waxless cross country skis pioneered by Trak. I still have my fish-scaled Fischers.

Here we are trudging back up a typical climb line. However, the sunshine is not common. In fact, local skiers find it disorienting when it's not foggy.