Mid Summer2016

posted Aug 7, 2016, 3:03 PM by Richard Sevenich

It's mid summer in North Idaho as we eagerly await Labor Day and the subsequent departure of the tourists, many dragging their jet skis and other power boats with them. Autumn brings some of the best kayaking on Lake Pend Oreille, with waters still warm but lake traffic way down. Otherwise, the waterfowl migrating south wouldn't bother to stop by.

Yet the summer kayaking has been stellar, and avoiding the traffic that occurs later in the day hasn't really been a chore. My attempts at learning to roll my kayak have gone fairly well. I now have enough confidence and competence to go solo on my rolling practice. But after a few failed rolls with wet exits, I realize how efficient rolling attempts with a partner can be (thanks, Matt).

In mid July we traveled to Cortes Island just north of the Georgia Strait with 3 other (Nanaimo) couples, staying at the Emerald Cove Lodge – essentially a large house with enough bedrooms for the group plus an adequate kitchen and large deck. It was in Gorge Harbour with easy ingress from the road. We had rain one night, but the days were dry with light winds – pretty much perfect weather. On the final day we kayaked on Hague and Gunflint lakes, giving our boats a good fresh water rinse.

Eli in Gorge Harbour with her kayak Lucia

In mid September we plan a similar trip to oft visited Discovery Islands Lodge on Quadra Island near Cortes. The lodge is off grid and at the end of a 35 minute road from the nearest chunk of civilization. It is our favourite base lodge for kayak day trips. The lodge provides breakfast at the huge table adjacent to the kitchen. We generally take turns cooking dinner for the group. For this trip, we'll have 2 people from Kalispell, 5 from North Idaho, and 3 from Nanaimo.

Discovery Islands Lodge