posted Aug 11, 2017, 3:58 PM by Richard Sevenich   [ updated Aug 11, 2017, 4:01 PM ]
At this point in the summer, I've developed a one-sided, somewhat laugh-proof roll. My roll sessions are sometimes solo and sometimes with friends. The water is now warm enough that a Farmer John and dry top are sufficient for an extended session. I believe the next progression is to move toward the one-sided bombproof roll. In particular, I need to mimic an inadvertent roll, where there is no setup before the actual capsize. It seems that I am relatively aware of where I am and of what I'm doing while underwater and it should be feasible to achieve a semi-bombproof roll before summer wanes.

So, what next after the one-sided bombproof roll? I'd hope to follow that with the off-side roll, perhaps bombproof as well. Longer term, I'd like the on-side and off-side rolls to become indistinguishable. So far my rolls are Pawlata (i.e. extended paddle) rolls. Eventually, I'd like to have forward finishing rolls, perhaps before I turn 80.

Unrelated goals might include rolling other boats, perhaps even the Mariner. I am already using a selection of paddles.  How about a half paddle?