Kayaks to Sell

posted Mar 17, 2018, 8:05 PM by Richard Sevenich
After zeroing in on our preferred kayaks, I find that we now have five kayaks. Eli prefers her Necky Looksha IV and I prefer my SKUK Explorer. So we have 3 spares. We’d like to keep just one extra for guests, so we wish to sell two. All shortcomings have been dealt with e.g. none (currently) leak. Hence we need to pick two to sell from these three, all fiberglass:
  • Noyak DeRide (with the unfortunate model name)

  • Mariner Express (with fore, aft, and day hatches)

  • NDK Explorer (diolen reinforced where extra strength is needed)

My first choice would be to keep the Noyak, because it is light, has neither rudder nor skeg, and is therefore perfect for a guest who might be a beginner. It does exhibit slight weathercocking and would profit from loading it stern heavy.

Perhaps the easiest of our spare kayaks to sell would be the NDK Romany Explorer. It is one of the most classic British designs, a noted expedition kayak, very neutral, and very stout – really a good kayak for a guide. Its storage capacity is adequate at best, because of the skeg box.

Slightly more difficult to sell would be the Mariner. It is a cult classic here in the northwestern USA, but not well known beyond the west coast. It is famous for good handling in rough seas with neither skeg nor rudder. This particular boat was modified quite professionally by John Abercrombie (Victoria, BC) to have fore, aft, and day hatches. Typically the originals did not have hatches, but used float bags for buoyancy. It has a great deal of storage capacity. This would also be a good kayak for a guide … and with enhanced storage capacity.