Kayak Season Begins in North Idaho

posted Apr 27, 2010, 4:28 PM by Richard Sevenich

My first wee trip took place on April 25, starting from Third Avenue Pier (3AP) with a pool level of 2055.1'. If you stepped too far out at launch, the boot sucking mud would get you. I paddled solo for a mere hour and a half, a leisurely route to Motel 5 (aka "Seasons") and back to 3AP. The exposure gave mostly calm water except at Motel 5, where the fetch was sufficient to produce one whitecap in a hundred waves. At 50 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny, the conditions were ideal.

Dog Beach with Schweitzer Ski Area in Background

As far as my convalescence from the broken neck goes, I have returned to a normal activity level. When weather permits I have been biking, occasionally from home to the ski area, and now ... kayaking. My next x-ray is July 29 to assess the failure of bone regrowth. In the meantime. I will be using an Orthofix electric bone growth stimulator, receiving some physical therapy at FASTER, and taking a few recommended supplements.