From Broken Neck to Broken Group

posted Jan 20, 2010, 9:18 AM by Richard Sevenich

The Monterey trip is coming up fast.. Hopefully the weather there will change for the better so we can get in a bit of kayaking. Meanwhile, our summer kayaking plans have continued to evolve and now include a trip to the Broken Group Islands, in Barkley Sound, off Vancouver Island's west coast. We'll not rough it, but rather stay at the Sechart Lodge, once a whaling station. We are joining two other couples for this trip.

Our schedule is as follows:
  • caravan from Nanaimo to Port Alberni early on July 19
  • board the M.V. Barkley at Port Alberni about 8 AM (with kayaks and gear)
  • reach the Sechart Lodge about 11 AM
  • disembark, unpack, get settled, and get in an afternoon/evening paddle
  • kayak the next 4 days using the lodge as our base camp
  • finish early on July 23, to embark on the M.V. Barkley at 3:30 PM for the trip back to Port Alberni
  • caravan from Port Alberni to Nanaimo the evening of July 23
The Sechart Lodge provides breakfast and dinner each day and a bag lunch for the day's kayak outing.

An informative web site about the lodge and the surroundings is: