End of 2017 Kayak Season

posted Oct 6, 2017, 7:36 PM by Richard Sevenich   [ updated Oct 6, 2017, 7:38 PM ]
We had four very nice paddling days in the Nanaimo area. The first day Eli, Audrey, and I launched at Brechin and circumnavigated Protection Island. The second day we paddled with the club. Led by Gloria Martens, we launched from Kin Hut and circumnavigated Newcastle Island. Among the other club paddlers was a familiar face, belonging to Reale Emond who had traveled up from Victoria. The third day Eli, Audrey, Sean Gallagher, and I launched from Ladysmith's Transfer Beach and made a round trip to Evening Cove. On the fourth day Eli, Audrey, Dominique, and I launched from Lantzville's Sebastion Road and paddled out to Southey Island and back. None of the days was a hard paddle, bur each was fun. We saw many seals, Oyster Catchers, a few Pigeon Guillemots, etc.

Once back in Sandpoint I ended my season with an 8.27 nm cruise from 3rd Avenue Pier to Dover and back. I took three photos at Springy Point:
The Shallows Protected by Springy Poin
Protected shallows south of Springy Point

Looking west toward Cape Ostentatia

Looking east toward the Long Bridge

The weather was cool and fair. I saw thousands of coots, a gathering of ~10 cormorants, 1 eagle, a minipod of Western Grebes, a small grebe I could not identify, and so on. I found that if I paddle slowly, just enough to maintain some minimal speed, the coots are not startled and accept my presence, allowing me to mingle. I saw no Buffleheads at this point, but they will eventually show up. The water level was down to about 2060.16 feet, but will now be dropping to its winter level precipitously.

My year total was 61 paddling days with 20 of those being spent practicing rolling only. I ended the season with a consistent on-side Pawlata roll, even without a pre capsize setup. For most that's minimal progress, but was a big deal for me.

I ended the season with 4 kayaks and was unable to sell at least one of those, maybe next year.