End of 2016 Kayak Season

posted Nov 11, 2016, 8:18 AM by Richard Sevenich
We've been in Albuquerque for 4 weeks and will return to Sandpoint next Tuesday. Our 2016 kayak season is over and gone. The memorable results were
  • great trips to Cortes (July) and Quadra (September) Islands
  • eventually rolling my Boréal Design Ellesmere consistently (one side only)
  • replacing the Ellesmere with a Mariner Express at season's end
  • inability to roll the Express with consistency
Next season will evolve . There is some thought of spending 3 or 4 weeks in Nanaimo after Labor Day, I hope to begin rolling the Express with some consistency, and so on. I would like to help some local sea kayakers with strokes, maybe rolling, etc. Of course, this develops my own skills.

I'll do some off-season gear maintenance. I already added a Keel Eazy strip to the Express and removed its built-in electrical bilge pump. My dry suit gaskets have reached their end of life, so I need to address that. Other tasks will appear, but post ski season will be the time slot when most of this gets done.