As the 2017 Kayak Season Wanes

posted Aug 31, 2017, 9:03 AM by Richard Sevenich
This has been the first season where I've been satisfied with my rolling progress. Choosing to use the NDK Explorer, in lieu of the Mariner Express, kept me from floundering away my roll sessions making zero progress. At this point I have a very solid roll (even 'inadvertent' rolls) on my on-side with the NDK. This definitely makes me feel safer. I know where I am underwater for on-side rolls. However, for off-side rolls my brain remains confused. Nevertheless, I was semi-confident that I could return to the Mariner and experience some success. This went OK, not great. I was able to roll the Mariner on 12 of 13 on-side attempts. But most of those rolls were something of a struggle. The Mariner doesn't pop up like the NDK. I am guessing I need a stronger 'hip snap'.

Currently we own 4 kayaks and I'd like to move to just 3. This would still give us a spare for guests. I'd like to sell the Mariner, but am reluctantly willing to sell the NDK.

A lot remains to be accomplished, perhaps for next season:

  • My rolls are all Pawlata and I'd like to move to non-extended paddle rolls.

  • I need to move to off-side Pawlata and add non-extended paddle rolls.

  • How about reentry and roll?

River kayakers really need to be able to roll both sides. For a sea kayaker, who avoids surf and rock gardens, this is not as important. But I can get caught in waves and swells, where the need to roll up on either side becomes more important.

It took me a very long time to learn to roll. But the time underwater was somewhat necessary, so that I could learn where I was more precisely. Old people don't learn new tricks easily.