A Shoulder Season Where There Was None

posted Apr 3, 2016, 1:50 PM by Richard Sevenich   [ updated Apr 3, 2016, 1:54 PM ]

Between North Idaho's autumn's kayak season and ski season there is an intervening shoulder season. The lake is drawn down and, by late October through late November, there is a definite shoulder season. There is no skiing available and kayaking becomes less attractive. In particular, there are just a few mud-free launch sites available, but not that near to town.

Spring is quite different. When ski season winds down, kayaking becomes available. It's true that the lake is still low, but one's enthusiasm can drive one to the more remote launch sites. I was looking forward to an immediate switch to kayaking as ski season waned. Then, on February 29, I ruptured my calf muscle while skate skiing – no fall and no collision – it just committed a partial suicide. This is the shoulder season where there was none, requiring a potentially lengthy rehabilitation. Perhaps it is a calf-rupture season not a shoulder season.

I'm almost 5 weeks out now from the calf rupture, probably termed a Grade 2 injury. My mobility is limited, slow but only slightly lame. Yet the leg tires (with pain) after a short time. I may seek out a physical therapist to keep me on the right track. My hope is that I can kayak and bicycle before month's end, after our trip to Albuquerque. More later ...