A Change in the Kayak Fleet

posted Apr 23, 2018, 7:12 AM by Richard Sevenich   [ updated Apr 29, 2018, 2:57 PM ]
If you read my earlier entry, you’ll recall that we have five kayaks and I need to sell two, maybe three. At that point, two of these were Explorers, as designed by Nigel Dennis. The 1996 model was very sturdy albeit heavy, and in good shape. The 2007 model is carbon/kevlar and expectedly much lighter, in nearly new condition. I recalled that a friend of mine had a Sterling Ice Kap. So I traded, my 1996 Explorer for his Ice Kap. Admittedly, the Ice Kap is in grim shape, but is recoverable. Plus I enjoy restoring kayaks despite my very limited skill set. Ice Kap problems include:
  • pine sap drippings on the stern

  • gel coat damage along the keel

  • poorly finished inside by the manufacturer

  • also some surface damage in the hatches

  • a crippled skeg

  • a rear hatch leak, perhaps related to the prior item

Resolution of these problems will await our return home in late May. Nevertheless, I have at least cleaned off the pine sap and made initial gel coat repairs.

The virtues of the Ice Kap are that it is a very maneuverable and light boat, my estimate being a bit above 40 pounds. The kayak was supposedly a demo model that Sterling Donalson took from show to show. Perhaps this is the reason for the poor internal finishing, unready to be inflicted on a buyer.

It will be a while before I paddle it. It should roll easily and it may become my roll practice boat. On the other hand I may just sell it, whatever seems appropriate. Donalson insists that none of his boats weathercock, but I’ve heard the Ice Kap does. The seat can be moved backward a bit, so that would help the weathercocking – as would loading it somewhat stern heavy. The potential for weathercocking remains to be tested.

The Ice Kap is about 17’ x 19.5” and with significant rocker, hence the maneuverability. There are front and rear hatches, but no day hatch. It will hold less gear than Sedna, my carbon/kevlar Explorer. The Ice Kap came with no name, so I’ll name her now … Miss Frigid.

A few photos will be added when she is less disheveled.