2018 – Starting Rolling Sessions Again

posted May 29, 2018, 3:53 PM by Richard Sevenich
I’ll report on our kayak trip in Portugal later, after I get some photos ready. For now, I have returned to Sandpoint and had my first rolling session with Matt yesterday. Since I only achieved a reliable roll last summer, I was wondering if my aging body would retain that muscle memory. Despite being a little rusty, my 9 rolls were all successful and felt OK. The kayak used was a 2007 carbon/kevlar SKUK Explorer, replacing last year’s much heavier 1996 NDK Explorer. In the water, I could not discern any noticeable difference in how they rolled other than it was easier to ‘overshoot’ in the lighter boat.

My rolling goals for the 2018 season are to

  • achieve an offside roll that becomes indistinguishable from onside

  • learn a decent reentry and roll

Further, my roll is a Pawlata and I’d like to add a non extended paddle roll, but consider that to be less important.

My summer refurbishing project is to salvage the severely neglected Sterling Ice Kap. The hull is pretty beat up and the skeg needs replacing. I’ve heard the Ice Kap does OK without the skeg, but requires extra corrective strokes in rougher water, of course. So for now, I’ll plug the skeg hole and keel strip the whole hull. The plug will be quite secure, but reversible should I decide to reinstall a skeg. This is intended as my extra kayak, available for visitors. It should be a good roller.