2013 Season's End - Looking Ahead

posted Sep 29, 2013, 8:13 AM by Richard Sevenich   [ updated Oct 8, 2013, 3:22 PM ]
We are back from a splendid late September trip to Discovery Islands Lodge on Quadra Island - featuring four days paddling of which three were sunny and one brought light rain.

The 5th day was declared a rest day so we could watch the sideways rain. The trip highlight was Saturday's lunch break when a pod of 10 plus dolphins hunted their lunch a few yards off our beach. They kept at it for at least thirty minutes.

I've taken the kayak roof rack off the car, a sign of the season's imminent end. I'll still have the opportunity to paddle for a few more days. However, now the lake is being drawn down, converting our preferred (i.e. nearby) launch site into boot sucking mud. And it's getting wetter and colder. And my skis are clamoring for maintenance. And ...

My rolling practice has ended for 2013. This year saw significant progress - successful rolls nearly as often as not. Demonstrating irrational optimism, I now record my plans for the following rolling seasons:
  • Get back to where I was at the end of the 2013 season.
  • Make those rolls more consistent.
  • Add the off side roll and achieve its consistency.
  • Reenter and roll after wet exit.
  • Get used to not having nose plugs, at least occasionally.
  • Achieve rolls without carefully controlled capsizes.
  • Achieve rolls after sculling down to inversion.
  • Achieve rolls in rough waters.
Those last 4 bullets start the quest for a bomb proof (combat) roll. I expect to achieve the first two bulleted goals in 2014.