2011 Season's End

posted Nov 30, 2011, 11:26 AM by Richard Sevenich   [ updated Nov 30, 2011, 12:07 PM ]
October 29 was most likely my last paddle of the 2011 season. The water in Pend Oreille has been drawn down about 10 feet, making many launch sites unusable. Next, ice forms at the shore making launching even more problematic. Lastly, ski season arrives offering skate skiing, cross country, lift-aided downhill, and backcountry downhill. I actually like the seasonal nature of our kayaking; enthusiasm is reborn in spring. Here's looking out the back door, sometime before Thanksgiving (USA):

I do have some kayak projects over winter. First and foremost is a modification of Carmen's back band - just finished. Other pending tasks:
  • replace worn rigging (Carmen)
  • improve hatch seals (Carmen)
  • modify/improve our kayak carts
  • add a keel strip (Zwilli)
  • up the mechanical advantage of the hoist system for Zwilli
  • new straps for hatches (Carmen)

The only trip we're committed to for next summer is to Cortes Island for late July / early August with a splendid cast of characters::
  • Brian & Anna
  • Dominique & Audrey
  • Bob & Dana
  • Steve & Trish
  • Our Splendid Selves
For this trip, Brian has booked the Otter Point Villa in Gorge Harbour.

There is the possibility that I'll do the Broken Group in May, if Eli abandons me to head to the olde country with her mother. A post Labour Day trip to Quadra's Discovery Islands Lodge is also a potential frolic.